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212 Technologies provides state-of-the-art computer asset recovery services and data center consolidation that helps you realize the true value of your used computer hardware in a manner that is secure, easy to administer and problem free. In today’s fast paced business environment with limited budgets you need to get the most out of your investments and be poised to seize new opportunities.
This is especially true of your IT infrastructure to be able to meet demands and support the business, without breaking the budget. Yet these challenges remain:
**cost effectively transitioning to newer technology to support business growth
**leveraging existing IT equipment to help fund new IT investments
**safely disposing of old equipment
**better managing the IT lifecycle going forward

This is what we do:

Pay you top dollar for your surplus equipment
Coordinate pick-ups
Identify and Inventory equipment for you
Provide disc wiping services
Provide a detailed audit report for you

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