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Our Proven|Powerful|Unique|Tested Technology is Your Unfair Advantage

Since 1996 our technology has matured like a fine wine. Over the past 20+ years we worked with over 100 direct sales and network marketing companies. Our systems have served more than 20 million system users in 163 countries!
We literally pioneered the industry.
But as technology itself has evolved, so have the opportunities to leverage it in new and exciting ways... Today our systems are more powerful than ever before! And with the release of our coveted Automated Intelligence module, the merging of intuitive tools and natural daily life is here.
Deliberately Unique Builds

Custom Design

This is no generic platform. Each system is meticulously tailored to model the specific business process and flow for the unique value proposition being offered.

Intuitive Design & Flow

Hyper Duplicatible

Teams have the ability to expand with lightening speed, due to the intuitive power and viral nature of the system. Spend less time training, more time producing.

Hand In Glove

Automated Marketing

We've perfected the marriage between technology and relationship marketing. Natural personal interactions are multiplied to produce exponentially effective results.

Robust & Ready To Roll

Uncompromising Tools

Powerful tools provide distributors everything they need, and nothing they don't (this avoids the critical pitfall of unnecessary complications and confusion).

Companies Served
Total System Users
Countries Worldwide
Years Experience

Mobile Applications

Business is about relationships. Automated marketing (done right) is all about enhancing the traditional business building activities the industry's been based on for decades, not replacing them! But technology can automate important steps and provide consistency to the sales message, making it instantly duplicable by each new team member!
There is no silver bullet... no get-rich quick... and you still have to actually talk to people, LOL! But with a system perfectly designed to support the exact business building process needed for your specific product and business it dramatically increases the efficiency and effectiveness of the traditional steps.
  • Invitation
  • Presentation
  • Validation
  • Activation

It all starts with a natural invitation! Reaching out to someone you know and asking them to check something out. But being able to do so in the same comfortable way you normally communicate with that person avoids that "sales feeling" that repels most people.


Let the system do the selling! The distributor's job is to simply invite people to come take a look, not to try and hard sell them on anything! The system handles everything for you, and keeps you updated instantly as your prospect watches the video, clicks on links, etc.

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You will never be alone again! Third party validation is a critical psychological step in any sales process. Our 3-way calling module takes the pain out of coordinating schedules and streamlines the communication process in a natural way.

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Wash, rinse, and repeat! The cycle is designed to continue automatically as your new person is enrolled and exposed to the same intuitive system, allowing them to begin inviting their own prospects from Day #1 without hours of training or wasted time.


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Customer Factory®

Bringing customers directly to you!
Refined over the past 15-25 years, our powerful Customer Factory® technology leverages social media advertising campaigns to bring end users the ultimate in long term business stability through a never ending stream of customers they can service!

Social Media Advertising

Professional social media advertising exposes masses of targeted prospects to our clients' products.

Customer Conversion

Lots of the people like what they see and decide to become customers. Samples are free and our conversion rates are great!

Purchase Your Credits

Users can purchase as many credits each month as they want. It all just depends on how fast you want to grow your business!

Customer Assignment

The system automatically distributes the customers out equally based on the number of credits each user has for each month.

Follow Up & Get Paid!

Users simply follow up, answer questions, and encourage them... we provide the tools and all the step by training needed!

A.I. - Automated Intelligence

"There's nothing artificial about it!"
Our ground breaking A.I. module fuses theory with reality. Until now the entire Direct Sales industry has focused only on results: closed sales, number of new customers & distributors. The A.I. module taps into the "activity" required to achieve these results by monitoring the real world activity of each distributor and guiding them, as well as their entire team, to stay on track with their plan.

Personalized Goals

One size does NOT fit all. Each person defines their own goals for their business as well as their motivation for being here.

Activity Monitoring

The system watches every business activity taken by each person and evaluates it in real time relative to your personal plan.

Integrated Feedback

Automated notifications are triggered that target the distributor, their sponsor, and even their entire team.

Non-Fungible Tokens

The Blockchain Web 3.0 revolution is here!
Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are secured by blockchain technology as unique digital assets, serving as a "trustless" certification of authenticity. NFTs are revoluionizing the world around and emerging as the next big thing that organizations of all kinds can benefit from. They offer a range of benefits:


The blockchain ensures each NFT is utterly unique and authentication of ownership is fully secured.


The decentalized and distributed nature of the blockchain makes NFT certification and ownership indestructible and timeless.


NFT creators can benefit from never-ending royalties paid each time an NFT is bought/sold through marketplaces.

Communities, organizations, companies, brands, non-profits, and groups of all kinds can benefit from our Blockchain NFT solutions. Build your brand and grow your tribe... Your peeps are loyal to your organization. Now you can give them another aveneue to express it!
We can help you develop a roadmap that will leverage the exciting potential of the blockchain revolution. NFTs can be so much more than a collectible set of images. They can deploy true utility for holders, opening up unlimited possibilities for your organization.


The visual design as well as function are tailored to your organization.

Capital Liquidity

NFT offerings provide your organization with an influx of capital.


Design your plan to excite and inspire your community.

Cutting Edge

Be in the forefront of new technology as others are left behind.

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